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Our programmes are Australian government accredited

Student Prospectus

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BTI offers you Breathwork trainings originally developed by six breathwork trainers and two highly experienced practitioners* who were members the national Australian Association for Professional Rebirthers -  now the Australian Breathwork Association, .

Coming from different Breathwork schools, the aim of the group was to synthesize their trainings into what they considered to be minimum professional standards in the field. In this endeavour they have served as global leaders.

The course was written to allow for a maximum flexibility in delivery, accommodating diverse styles of teaching from a wide variety of Breathwork schools

Modern synthesis of timeless wisdom and the experience of leading national and international trainers

Unique Courses

* Glenn Bailey, Denise Burgess, Nicholas de Castella, Robyn Fernance, Ann Harrison, Nemi Nath, Sally Salier & Pauline Win

Standards and accreditation

The Breathwork trainings that BTI offers were accredited through Vocational Education Training Accreditation Board [VETAB]  in December 2005 and re-accredited in 2011

Assurance of Quality

Our trainings conform to the Australian Qualifications Framework and were sustained in front of an independent panel of government officials and experts in the field of Breathwork

Similarly Breathwork Trainings International Pty Ltd  -  RTO 91323 - is a government registered college. The college has been audited and found to be compliant with the highest professional and ethical standard.